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Leather provides greater strength than other types of materials, as well as good breathability, wear resistance, softness, elasticity, and it is very good at absorbing water. The subsequent procedure such as stamping and printing can be applied in the cure. But due to its high cost and unsuitability, leather is used to decorate fashionable urban shoes and skate shoes.


MESH (Mesh Network)

Single Layer Mesh:

The holes can be dense or scattered. It is more breathable than sandwich mesh, being softer and unable to bear, it needs composite sponge or other mesh to thicken. In some special cases in summer an outer support can be used to function as a single layer.

Sandwich mesh:

It is sewn at the junction of the mesh on the surface and the smooth fabric on the bottom. It is called like this because its structure for a sandwich, normally being 2-3 mm, is usually used in most of the shoes as well as in the tongue, since it is soft and breathable.


Being tightly bound, the material can be applied by embossing and some other post-processing, making it suitable for skate shoes and vulcanized shoes.

PU (Polyurethane)

Microfiber, Nubuck

Being unbreathable and waterproof, the material is used extensively in autumn and winter, while it is used for decoration and support in spring and summer.

breathable leather

Its surface feels like velvet. Leather can be worn both over and inside out, but curling should be avoided. Stains are difficult to clean. Often seen on the ultra-thin cutting pad, toe box, and protective liner.

Plush Microfiber

It feels velvety (softer than breathable leather). As it is soft and comfortable, it is often adopted for heavy use. But it's easy to dust off and clean.

patent PU

Due to its smooth, high-gloss surface, it is often used for decoration, making the product more attractive.