It is divided into two types:

- Natural rubber is made from colloids extracted from plants such as rubber trees.

- Synthetic rubber is produced by polymerization reaction of various monomers.

These are slip resistant and wear resistant, but quite heavy. They are usually used for contact with the ground and to lighten the shoes, it is used at the key point of strength.


It is a type of light, elastic, anti-traction, high tenacity and shock-absorbing type of foam. But it will deform after a certain time, therefore the same damping will no longer exist.

It is often used to make the insole and sometimes the entire sole. But since it is not wear resistant, some special methods must be used.


Also known as PHYLON. It is a mixed material made from heated and compressed EVA foam (a product of EVA's second high-pressure molding). The material has experienced foaming twice.

Being light, elastic and cushioning, its hardness is determined by the foaming temperature. Printing, painting, electric carving can be used for beautification. It is the most common insole material for sports brands.


With high tenacity and hardness, this material allows painting and some other post-processing to convert it into a color gradient, transparent, semi-transparent, etc. It is often used to embellish the sole and is mixed with MD or RB.

To improve the torsion and stability of the arches and heels, most sports shoes today use this material in both parts. In the professional field, it is called Torsion System.